Breakfast Poutine
double-smoked bacon, hand-cut fries, cheese curds, gravy, poached eggs.12½
Brisket Benny
house-smoked brisket, poached eggs, sauerkraut, olive oil béarnaise, english muffin, chipotle mustard, fries or salad.15
Veggie Option – sub tofu chorizo & mushrooms
Fried Chicken Sandwich
boneless thigh, sweet with heat sauce, cilantro & pickled cabbage slaw, aioli, sesame bun, fries or salad.14
B.S. Breakfast Sandwich
english muffin, fried egg, double smoked bacon, brie, poached pear, cranberry aioli, fries or salad.11½
hand-made potato dumplings, mushrooms, walnut pesto, pickled beets, kale, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese.14½
Fish Cakes
house-smoked haddock, potatoes, mustard pickles, aioli, poached eggs, fries or salad.12½
Diner Breakfast
two eggs, double-smoked bacon, andouille sausage, toasted focaccia, blueberry & basil jam, fries or salad.12½
Focaccia French Toast
double-smoked bacon, blueberry jam, ricotta, apples, cashew & rhubarb butter.13
hand-made pasta, sweet potato & goat’s cheese filling, puttanesca, kale, basil, asiago, bread crumbs.15
Rabbit Ragù
braised oulton’s rabbit, crispy polenta, carrot top salsa verde, roasted veg, sunnyside egg.16½
Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
focaccia, asiago & beemster gouda, house-made soup.12½
tofu chorizo, poached eggs, rice, refried beans, tomato, pickled jalapeños, guacamole, corn tostada, green onion crema.13½
Veggie Hash
poached eggs, olive oil béarnaise, potatoes, kale, squash, beets, radishes, carrots.14
Add More
Double-Smoked Bacon.3
Andouille Sausage.3
Focaccia Toast.1½
Farm Fresh Egg.2½
Olive Oil Bearnaise.1½
Fries & Black Mayonnaise.4½
Small Salad.6
Tomato Soup.5
Fish Cake with Mustard Pickles.4½
Make Your Fries a Poutine.3