Good Morrow: campari, honeydew, mint, cucumber, rose water, goodmore mint & chamomile kombucha.9

Tiki Me Home Tonight: cruzan rum, disaronno, almond milk, pineapple, lime, overproof rum.13½

Pursuit of Hoppiness: bombay sapphire gin, unfiltered d.i.p.a., lillet, grapefruit cordial, lemon.12½

Campfire Old Fashioned: evan williams bourbon, lapsang souchong tea, bowmore 12 year, toasted marshmallow.13½

Crime of Passion: gosling’s black seal rum, cruzan white rum, triple sec, orgeat, passionfruit, lemon, mint.12½

The Shadow: canadian club 100% rye, drambuie, fernet branca, bitters.12

Rhubarb Sour: nova scotia blue lobster vodka, vermouth, rhubarb syrup, lemon, egg white, rhubarb bitters.12

Thai Fighter: cazadores tequila, lime, st. germain, cilantro, chili syrup.13

It’s Always Sunny on Dresden: pimms no. 1, lemon, ginger beer, mint, basil, orange, cucumber, bitters.12

Room with a View: bombay sapphire gin, fino sherry, lime cordial, lemon, prosecco.12

Pink Margarita: cazadores tequila, campari, lime, salt.12